Spectrum Construction

    Multi-disciplinary construction company based in Northern Virginia, Spectrum Construction creates contemporary structures with personality. Spectrum works with residential, commercial and high security office space projects. From new-build houses with conservation considerations to refurbishing listed properties or bespoke airport lounges, Spectrum transforms great design into places of unique and endearing character.​
    Specialist in-house planning and 3D modeling consultants are also on hand for particularly challenging projects. Once on site, Spectrum team's established relationships with architects ensure smooth project management, and the practice has gained an enviable reputation in designing and delivering projects on time and on budget.


    Spectrum Construction

    At Spectrum Construction, each project is taken on its merits, analyzed thoroughly and a solution derived from first principles. We realize that a design or detail that works for one project might not necessarily work for another, and so we give our fullest efforts to understand the unique requirements of each project.

    We also believe that architecture, good design and construction means are something for everybody, and will sit down with prospective clients to discuss their budget, their ambitions and the best way of bringing the three together. We have found that there is often a different way of looking at a problem that will offer up a whole new range of possibilities.

    We believe in a carefully balanced approach that allows us to work with, rather than against, commercial interests and other construction professionals.

    We believe in a business that:

    • is people-focussed
    • resonates with our clients
    • comes out of a collaborative process
    • responds to local context
    • is evidence based
    • is bold and distinctive
    • is appropriate for its purpose
    • enhances the experience of the end user
    • provides value for money