Spectrum Construction is a full service construction company, specializing in traditional forms of procurement to provide a quality end result. Each project is given a dedicated Project Manager who will work in close contact with staff contractors as well as sub contractors to ensure a consistency of service and delivery.

We aid clients in understanding the specific services they are receiving. Our clients often appoint us for the full design process through to completion, which allows the greatest level of continuity, understanding and value for money, but some clients also choose to appoint us for specific tasks or on a stage by stage basis. We suggest that each appointment is tailored to the specific needs of a project.

Commercial Projects

From office refurbishments to high-end retail and hospitality projects, we have cross-sector experience in private commercial design.

In recent years Spectrum Construction has significantly expanded its commercial portfolio, gaining a reputation for bridging the fields of commerce and design for mutual benefit. In business, everything has to be done with a purpose and we understand that construction is no different.

As the commercial side of the practice has expanded, the founding director of Spectrum Construction has become the director in charge of such projects. We provide a direct, high-level point of contact for clients, accommodating and responding to the fast and furious processes that are usually entailed in commercial architecture and construction.

Our success in the commercial sector has been reflected in the number of ongoing relationships and repeat appointments we have maintained. In developing such lasting relationships, we manage to provide an ever more efficient and suitable series of construction services.

Residential Projects

We have undertaken residential projects all over the US, and are currently involved in a number of extensions, refurbishments and new builds, as well as a variety of mid-sized multi-unit housing developments.

Spectrum Construction began and grew as a residential painting company, working on small-to-medium size projects throughout the Northern Virginia.

We particularly enjoy the personal nature of residential projects, which is not always about the bottom line but a sense of value and enjoyment. We also revel in the close interaction with residential clients who care so much about their homes. Often a once in a lifetime project, their enthusiasm transfers to our team.

Another great aspect of residential projects is how eclectic it can be. With each client comes a different series of personal tastes and preferences, which keeps us interested and developing as designers.

In over a decade of practice, Spectrum Construction has worked on all types of residential projects, from small scale joinery additions to large scale residential developments. Knowing that different residential clients have different budgets and expectations, we tend to tailor our services to suit individual projects, providing the support necessary to deliver an enjoyable place to live.

Interior Design

Many of our projects, including some of our largest to date, are interior fit-outs, where we seek to turn generic spaces into captivating places.

Furniture Design

Our experience with interiors has helped us to develop a talent for designing bespoke furniture and joinery pieces, and unique products as required by clients.

High Security Space

At Spectrum Construction we understand the importance of keeping the employees of high profile establishments safe. We have a hands on experience with installation of bullet proof glazing, perimeter wall security protection, bullet proof and impact resistant wall assemblies, bullet proof and vault doors and security equipment.